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My friend sent me this really funny short film about partners with annoying habits that end up ruining the relationship.

Even with friends, these quirks would totally bother me!

1. The Fork Slider Couple

Ever met someone who eats in a really obnoxious way? Whether its noisily chewing or sliding the fork against their teeth?! This would probably drive me up a wall!
My mom's friend actually had a real issue with hearing chewing sounds and would ask us not to chew gum around her!

2. The...Mouth?...Couple

I can't even. I know that couples have quirks and "cute" things that they do that might seem weird to other people but this is just...odd. The dude is clearly not into it lol!

3. The Walking Couple

As a very fast walker, I totally understand this guy's problem. I had a boyfriend once tell me I was walking too fast and that it was a sign I didn't want to spend more time with him and that just blew my mind. Needless to say, we didn't last.

Would any of you break up with someone because of weird habits like these?!

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I would talk about it with them and if it doesn't change and it really bothered me, then yes.
If my gf keeps doing the mouth thing...then yes.
@mchlyang yeah that one was too weird for me
the walking fast thing shouldn't really be a problem but the mouth and odd eating issues..... that might be a problem 馃槬
TOTALLY lol. Actually smacking lips while kissing can be a bit of a pet peeve of mine... as is getting tickled and having my hair touched when it's in a bun. If someone couldn't control these pet peeves around me, I'd take it as a sign of disrespect and start getting really annoyed at them!!