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Ok my VIP'S, who's ready for a dose of cuteness of Daesung???? Are you sure you can handle him????? Ready or not, here he comes!!!!!!!
So cute and fluffy here!!!! Awe, don't he look so cute with the pacifire
Uuuummmmmm can't you feed me some grapes???? Must you stare into my soul with that glare???
Wait, what chu grabbing there???? Where did your sleeves go?? How did your shirt start stickin to your body??? Where did your shirt go????? Daesung, NO THRUSTING TIME!!!!!!
GD: I can make this bat look sexy! Taeyang: You know you like my the way my chocolate abs and arms look!! Seungri: I know you want me!!!! T.O.P: I like!!!!!
You guys, This is supposed to me about me and my sexiness!!!!!! Why must you all steal my shine?????
GD: We're just only enhancing you. Taeyang & Seungri: Look how good we are together! T.O.P: Daesung don't run away!!!!!! Daesung: I'm so done with you guys!!!!!!! Gotta love these boys!!!!!!! Tagging the Vingle Buddies: @lilbr0wneyes @Helixx @BBxGD @KwonofaKind @lovetop @KDSnKJH @MrsJungHoseck @Jiyonglxoxo @Sailynn @CreeTheOtaku @AnnaArai @PrettieEmm @catchyacrayon @Amandamuska @Jarviaklipka @KaitlynHewitt @KhrystinaLee @MadAmdrea @MelissaGarza @AaliyahNewBell @sherrysahar
@KDSnKJH it's half his size 😱😂 he must be short 😂😂
Dae... GD... TOP... TY... RI.... I feels @Kwonofakind will love to see that Nose Again
Lol!! The bat is bigger than him!!
Jesus crust...just never let them put on shirts
@lilbr0wneyes Bad Angel!!!! Bad Angel!!! Why is he so good at being bad????
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