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Hi guys I had a fun idea for a game.
here's what you do
step 1. Think of a anime
step 2. Think of 3 word to describe of the anime without using names or the word in the name of the show
step 3. Post in the comments the word you thought of
For guessers
step 1. Try and guess someones anime by the word
step 2. Put your guess in comments and tag the person whos word your trying to guess
Ok here's mine
1 strength
2 cyborg
3 hero
so can you guess mine from those word tag me if you know it and put yours down to I'll try and guess
1.Over 2.Nine 3.Thousand
1. god 2. shrine 3. 5 yen everyone will get this...馃槀馃槀
@gabemartin Killing, Justice, and Cake is Death Note. Colors, Neko, and a Sad Ending is K Project.
Let's see : 1. Colors 2. Neko 3. Sad Ending If you get this right I'll love you forever. XD Maybe.
Killing Justice Cake
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