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Ok I saw @ESwee had this card and the original was done by @Gaarita100 so I decided to give it a shot. Now, the songs on my phone are made up of a variety of kpop songs and songs from anime that I've watched. Surprisingly, none of the anime songs popped up when I did this challenge. So let me show you what I got!
1) This song describes how you'll die. M2 Junior - Stand Up, from the drama Kpop Survival Extreme. Ummm, I guess I won't go down without a fight
2) This song describes your love life VIXX - Error Ugh, this is just depressing. Well, there you have it
3) This song will be played at your wedding f (x) - Paper Heart Awwwww, that's so sweet
4) This song will be played at your funeral Park Shin Hye - Without Words, played in the drama You Are Beautiful Awww man, this makes my life even more depressing
5) This song describes your week VIXX - Your Mine Most definitely, I guess I have to take this week into my own hands
6) This song is your theme song B2ST - Fiction .......... I have no comment
7) This song will be played when you think of someone you love VIXX - Chained Up ...... now if it was a boy/girlfriend yes this would be perfect. anyone else, hell no
Well there you go people. This just sums up that my life is depressing and there's no excitement what so ever. Have a nice day all
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I understand the feels!