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I just had to share the iikonn lashes with you.
These are not your subtle type or for the girl who wants to look uber natural. These lashes are bold, striking, big and have a ton of sass!
And can you dig the names of these lashes?!
If you're going out, feeling spicy or just want to change up your makeup look, then you have to give these a shot. And just so you know, I have already ordered these lashes to demo for you all as soon as they arrive! So, be on the lookout for a write-up on these soon!
In the meantime, who is your biggest inspiration for your beauty looks? Share!
I loveeeee the names! Very trendy. Of course I would be drawn to the "I woke up like this" lash.
I love the OMG lashes just looking at the pic @humairaa
Wow! I would go all out and do the O.M.G. ones! What's the point in doing the smaller ones, when you can just use mascara to make your own look like them? I've only done lashes a couple of times, and holy cow- they are hard to get in the right place! I've only done the cheap, all in one piece, get-them-at-Walmart type, but I love what they look like.
I loved it.
@marshalledgar LOl! That's not a bad thing though
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