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*adds Harley Jeonghan cause yes* I'm looking to start a kakao group rp about superheroes' and villains' kids. To summarize, it's a prepatory school that I based in Gotham because I'm a huge Batman fan (don't bring up the Superman vs. Batman movie to me ugh). I have an idea for some characters because I wanted to make this into a story or web series or something, I don't know. But this is all before my stort starts, where everyone first meets. I'm not really trying to restrict it to Gotham or even DC. Marvel fans are welcome as well, but remember this is about their kids. If you are interested, please, message me on kakao at ambiexassassin. (Please excuse me if there are any typos. This tablet makes my life complicated. I apologize.)
*casually adds more pictures of Jeonghan cause he's just gorgeous*
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My hair isn't even that good , how the heck does Jeonghan(A GUY) have better hair than me??? anyone care to explain?
I feel you. There are so many guys that have gorgeous hair. Whether it's long or short. Like I adore Wonho from Monsta X and Jaebum/JB and Taehyung because their hair just seems to freaking thick. I love it when their hair isn't styled. ㅠㅠ