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Hellllllo lovely friends~~

I'm here to announce some exciting news....I applied to be the Vingle Beauty moderator & got it!!!! Yay!!!

So hey, nice to meet you~

If we haven't talked yet, I'm Kayla & looking forward to sharing beauty tips with you :)
I've never moderated anything beauty before, but I've been helping as support over in the anime community for a while, and I was the Coffee moderator on Vingle a long time ago ;) So I hope to do well here, too!!

What do I hope to do in the community?

Talk about beauty!
Share INCREDIBLE looks we find that people have done!
Share tips!
Share everyday looks!
Talk about new products!
Read & enjoy reviews of products!!!


Want to help me?!

I can have up to 6 support members to join me in making our community a fun beauty community!!!

I'd love it if you would join me.

I hope to start up some makeup challenges, share more reviews, give (and receive!!) constructive critique on makeup looks, so having a team to do this together with would be AMAZING!!
If you're interested, just message me or comment here & I'll message you ^-^
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congrats @hikaymm we will be behind you..to support ;-)
@hikaymm awesome!! Alright!! I will be looking forward to hearing from you ^_^ And will try to post more as well :D
Congratulations !!! Cant wait to see some awesome posts from you!
@waanderer Thank you!!! You as well :)