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How I Came Across This Product: So I was browsing amazon for good acne cleansing products, and come across Acne Solution Cleansing by Clean Face. After seeing the 4.5 star rating and reading some great reviews, I decided to invest in this product. My Reaction to This Product: Once I got the cleanser, I immediately decided to try it that night. I squeezed some of the product in my hands (pea size) and started to wash my face with it. The consistency of the product turned out to be a huge turn off for me. It's a cross between a cleanser and a face mask. It takes a bit of time to get the product off my face leaving me with drier skin, but I do have a good moisturizer so that's been helping me combat the dryness. Review: Let's just say that, I will not be investing in this product again. They should have put on their direction somewhere: PLEASE USE RAT POOP SIZE TO WASH YOUR FACE. If you start using this product like you would any other cleansing product, YOU WILL BE SCRUBBING FOR A WHILE leading to dry (or drier) skin. If you do decide to try this product, use VERY LITTLE of this product to clean your face. I almost thought if this was meant to be a face mask and not a cleanser. (back side is all in Korean, but its a cleanser) I also do not see any changes in my skin while I am using this product. It does the job of cleansing my face, but nothing too big. Some answers to your question: Would you recommend this product? No Is this product that bad? No, it depends on your skin. It's just not for me. I hate the consistency of the product. I think this product would be great for someone with oily skin. What star rating would you give this product? 2 This is my first review of a beauty product. Do let me know what you think! If you are curious about this product, follow this link here to see to see what other people are saying about this product: Picture is also from amazon
@hikaymm this would be my first Korean cleanser I used and I didn't know they were thicker. I've heard good things about Korean products so I thought I'd give it a try. What cleanser are you using? Do all of them have this thicker consistency?
I've come across the same problem before with Korean products actually!! There are a lot of thicker products which can be good if that's what you want, bad if your skin doesn' tlove it :( I dont really have any acne products to recommend, I'm just using a basic cleanser right now that doesn't have any other properties but removing makeup & dirt haha :)
@MyAffairWith Once I have a chance to take pics I totally will ;)
First time evaluations get a discount on micro dermabrasion. I think it's like 20% off or something like that. I spent about $60 on my visit. Plus the $40 cleansing set. With tip, it was like $120 (including taxes...) @myAffairwith
@marshalledgar I just read on their website about this after I heard from you. I didn't know ulta did that. I knew they cut hair but not this. I will look this and especially getting my skin analyzed.
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