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Welcome, everyone, to Too Much Tuesdays!

It's the March Funny Community game that gets us all feeling a little bit closer - by sharing pretty disgusting stories about ourselves!

Do you DARE to answer this Tuesday's question?

Today's TMT: Have you ever accidentally farted in public?

Maybe you were at a house party, or you were in the middle of a quiet (but packed!) room. Maybe it was in the elevator, or you tried to sneak a quiet one on the bus, and it was definitely NOT a quiet one. Share your embarrassing fart story!
My answer: When I was in middle school, we'd warm up during PE by doing a whole bunch of jumping jacks. Let's just say that all that excessive jumping caused me to make a sound that was anything but subtle. Whoops?

Now it's your turn: CONFESS!

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I can't say I have farted in public but to me public is when all my family and friends are over the house. This was probably about 10 years ago. We all were in the living room and it was right after we ate dinner and dessert. My brother said let's play DDR on the PS3. So we took turns playing and then came my turn. I started the song off pretty good until it came, I had to fart lol. I was dancing so I couldn't hold it in and you probably know what happened next. It was very, very embarrassing. After that I just sat in the corner until everyone left lol.
I'm a fan of the silent but deadly fart myself. I once had my entire fellow classmates wondering what the horrible smell was. They thought it was the guys bathroom or something dead in the vents. IT WAS ME THE WHOLE TIME!!!! ~\(≧▽≦)/~
I try not to but sometimes you just can't help yourself. Luckily I'm a very skilled public farter, always do it slowly and silently, before they realise what's going on, I'm long gone.
P.E warm-ups. Then my classmates all laughed at me. 😠😡
it was math class but thank god it wasn't quiet and it just came out like it wasn't me guys--