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The Obamas Reading to Kids Will Make Your Day

My mom is a librarian. Our house is overflowing with books. We have a bookcase in every room in our house (yes, even the bathrooms and the garage).

Reading was, and still is, so important to me, so seeing these pictures this morning made me SO HAPPY!

My mom used to read to me all the time before I could handle it on my own and its some of my favorite childhood memories!

She read the first Harry Potter to me and did a different voice for each character. I definitely feel like the Obamas are those kind of readers too :)

Please enjoy the following pictures of Barack and Michelle Obama reading various picture books to kids, being the awesome people that they are.

Do any of you have memories of reading with your parents or another grown up?

Vingle Parents: do you read like this to your kids!?

Happy Monday everyone!

Hopefully you don't run into anything that makes you make Obama's face here :D

Too awesome :D I love how they can interact with others in a positive way ^^
Aww that's nice to see that!
@sophiamor nice haha i have only read aloud for my lil sis once but she fell asleep was fun though
@arnelli lol sometimes i even read aloud to myself if i'm home alone hahahaha
lol I'm not a parent, but when I was younger my dad read me one book (once) and then never again. He only read it to me because I didn't know all the hard words (BTW I'm not talking about a children's book) cuz I was like 4. <«Obama is so adorable...omg.»>
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