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Alright MADE Scavenger Hunt Marathon here we go!!! My partner in crime is @ARMYStarlight! This is my Scavenger Hunt Partner. Please enter us into the prize drawing.

1. Favorite MADE tour outfits.

TOP: What can I say about TOP??!! He looks good in anything but I loooved this awesome suit he wore when he performed DOOM DADA. He looked STUNNING!! GD: He also looks good in just about everything too but I really liked this red suit on him when he performed Zutter. Red is definitely his color!! Taeyang: Umm he's clearly topless, do I even need to explain why this was my FAVORITE during the tour??!! Daesung: I think Daesung looks amazing in your average clothes. He doesn't need a lot of flashiness to accentuate his body. We know what he's hiding underneath that jacket and he fills it up so beautifully!! Seungri: I loooove this outfit on him because he looks like the innocent boy next door and we know he's the complete opposite hahaha. He looks so cute and fluffy in this like the panda he is!!

2. Favorite MADE tour live performance.

Arrrgh because TOP is the definition of PERFECTION and he killlllled this performance!!! Those hip thrusts almost had me on my death bed!!

3. Favorite MV from MADE singles.

Gaaah it's so hard to just pick 1!!! I loved all of them but I'd have to probably go with Bae Bae. I loved all their videos but Bae Bae stuck out to me the most because it was the first video I watched after their comeback and it just drew me in. I was a newbie to KPOP and I just rememeber being like WHAT. THE. F**K. did I just watch??!! Haha it wasn't long before I became a total junkie for Big Bang.

4. MADE fanart.

I picked these because I love when Big Bang is together as a whole. It makes me so happy when they're all together and I wish they'd stay like this forever!!! Also I LOVE chibis!!! Credit to whoever made these!!

5. Picture of MADE tour tickets.

I was so lucky to attend this show in Vegas. It is still the best night of my life and I will NEVER forget how amazing the concert was!!!

6. Crowd at MADE concert.

I love seeing a sea of yellow!!!! VIPS are so awesome!! I loved the way GD always thanked his fans by posting pictures on his Instagram after each concert and the way everyone sings along to the songs!!! We are such a beautiful fandom VIPS FIGHTING!!

7. Favorite V App MADE episode.

I really liked their live countdowns because we got to see more of their crazy personalities and interactions with eachother which is always awesome!!!

8. Member interacting with crowd at MADE concert.

I love how goofy TOP is and this video shows him being so cute!! He's such a tease but he gives us what he knows he want hahaha. That booty is life!!

9. Fans wearing MADE merchandise.

These were actually a little hard to find but I hope they qualify!!

10. Favorite MADE tour report.

I picked this because I loved loved LOVED this performance!!! It was the first live performance of the tour I let myself watch before October when I'd get to see them and I was so glad I did!! Amazing as always!!

11. Favorite MADE related photoshoot.

I liked all the promotions associated with Loser. I think the stories in the video made them all look so vulnerable but badass. I really loved their image in all these

12. MADE fan tribute.

I'm not sure if this qualifies either but I think doing a cover to anyone's song is a huge tribute to any artist!! I fell in love with this girl's voice and her covers are beautiful!!
Tagging the moderators!! @KwonOfAKind @lovetop @catchyacrayon @JiyongLeo @BBxGD @Helixx I'm tagging @Ercurrent and @resavalencia to join in on the fun!!!
@krin ohh TOP... why u just a wrecker
@lovetop hehehe thank you!! 😉😉
@krin Great taste on TOP choice... I love it too!!!!
Yours was awesome too!!! I'm glad I wasn't the only one that had trouble finding those!!!
Oh you did amazing!! The fans wearing merchandise were troublesome!!!