So, I wasn't actually tagged in this, but @MorganElisabeth did it and it looked really fun (and painful) so I decided to do it too!
THE RULES FOR THE CHALLENGE: 1. Choose 15 of your favorite biases. Don't worry about putting them in any particular order. 2. Answer the Questions. 3. Just have Fun~!
My Bias List! (Only Idol Edition...I have too many biases to add my actor biases too~) 1. UNIQ's Yibo 2. Shinee's Jonghyun 3. Shinee's Onew 4. EXO's D.O 5. Seventeen's Hoshi 6. F (x)'s Amber 7. Shinee's Minho 8. Bigbang's G-Dragon 9. Shinee's Key 10. Shinee's Taemin 11. Got7's Bambam 12. BTS' Jungkook 13. BTS' V 14. Astro's Rocky 15. Super Junior's Heechul (I can already hear my heart dying...but without further I go!)
☆Q1) Between 4 & 14: Who would You be more apt to marrying? ●D.O & Rocky Alright, so I'm already off to a bad start....GREAAATT. Rocky is the same age as me, and he is super sweet, dorky, and talented! I would absolutely love to marry him! Then there's D.O. He is older, a little above my height, dorky and squishy, and super cute~ ....If I honestly had to pick I'd probably have to go with Rocky. The biggest reason (and I know I will regret saying this but...) Rocky is a lot taller than I am, and I have a thing for taller guys (their hugs are so freaking cute!). Plus we are the same age so I feel like we could get along a lot easier. (D.O oppa, please don't kill me for bringing your height into this...I still love you) ☆Q2) Between 1 & 5: Who would you Sing/Rap with? ● Yibo & Hoshi Ummmmmmm no. Just do I even? I absolutely adore both of these dorks and I relate to them both so so soooo well. But, I mean....if I absolutely have to choose I'd say Yibo...I could dance with Hoshi ;) (I'm totally wiggling my way out of this one...this is just rude) ☆Q3) Between 6 & 13: Which one would you introduce to your Family? ●Amber & V This one is hard but easy at the same, I'd love to introduce them both...but, in all honesty, my family already likes Amber, so I'd have to say her. Then again, she and I are very much alike so I feel like my parents would die after awhile. ☆Q4) Between 2 & 8: Who would be your best friend? ●Jonghyun & G-Dragon *error 1404* ....but seriously though this is not okay... G-Dragon is YG ub and Jjong is one of my Shining the heck do I even???? I'm just going to think of it as...Shinee is a family and they are always together so if I befriend one I'll likely be close to them (I am terribly sorry for Ji oppa) but...Jonghyun would be my friend. ☆Q5) Between 3 & 15: Who Would you want to kiss More? ●Onew & Heechul I feel so bad about this...but this is terribly easy for me. I love Heechie, but I see him more as a brother than a potential kissing partner. And Onew, that beautiful prince, oh my gosh yes. I'd probably die afterwards though. ☆Q6) Between 7 & 12: Who Would you Rather nurse back to health. ●Minho & Jungkook *CRIES* *SCREAMS* After this question I'M gonna be the one who needs nursed back to health...I can't even I honestly don't know how to do this. This is by far the hardest choice so far. Okay...but really. I can't do this one. There is no possible way for me to pick one of these babies. I will sacrifice my own health and my time to help both of these boys at the same time. Minho is always helping others and caring more for others than himself. Even when he's hurt, he cares for everybody before his own self and he always puts on a smile and never shows his weak side. On the other hand, Kookie is a super sweet, innocent child (yes he is indeed older than me) and he just has this look to him that screams "please help me". Like a tiny puppy in a store window. (If I ABSOLUTELY had to choose when it came down to it...I'd probably pick Minho. He constantly helps everybody, hugs everyone else, and gives them a shoulder. I'd want to fo the same for him.) ☆Q7) Between 9 & 11: Who is the better Singer/Rapper? ●Key & Bambam Ughhhhh. This is killiiiinnngggg meeeeee. Key is talented in every aspect and has an amazing voice whether he is singing or rapping. Bambam has one of the cutest voices ever and his thai rapping is by far the cutest thing I have ever heard. I don't want to have to choose...but I'd have to go with Bambam. He is seriously just too cute. ☆Q8) Between 10 & 3: Who would get along with your friends more? ●Onew & Taemin I was hoping I'd never get to two Shinee boys at once...but I'm honestly not sure about this one. Onew is naive and clumsy, but he is also really caring and sweet. He can be funny and mischievous at the same time. On the other hand, Taemin is super mischievous and fun to be around...and he is super hardworking and talented. I feel like they'd get along better with Onew though. He's a lot like me in some ways as well as my friends, and we tend to get along because of our similarities. So most probably Onew. ☆Q9) Between 8 & 15: Who Would you Date? ●G-Dragon & Heechul Wow. I feel incredibly bad for Heechie. He is super cute, fabulous, and fun, and I always feel like I can relate to him somehow. But Ji oppa...oh my gosh, he is so cute and I love him so much. I'd definitely go with Ji oppa. :3 I said before, Heechie is like an older brother. I feel like I could be friends with him or as close as siblings to him. ☆Q10) Between 1 & 7: Who would you cook for? ●Minho & Yibo Honestly. Why did I have to go and choose my top biases? Anyways, I have an obvious thing for the "hamster" cheeks and these two boys OBVIOUSLY have I have seen these two eat countless times and they are too cute for my heart to handle. But...I think if I had to choose it'd be Minho. Without a doubt the Shinee members would always be my first pick to feed. Especially him and Onew. ☆Q11) Between 4 & 12: Who would make you laugh the most? ●D.O and Jungkook OH MY GOSH STAHP THIS. I SWEAR I SPEND MY DAYS LAUGHING AT THESE TWO NONSTOP. D.O goes from being super squishy to Satansoo & Kookie is a living meme and a god of derp. I honestly don't to choose?????? I'd have to say D.O just because my mom and I both laugh at him together...but I'd honestly still have to say them both. He only wins by like 0.1% ☆Q12) Between 3 & 13: Who Has the most Contagious Smile? ●Onew & V WHAT SORCERY IS THIS QUESTION??? Out of all fifteen of these precious children, these two are my cutest happy viruses do I even dare?? Onew is the constantly smiling leader who tries his very best to keep everybody happy and keep the mood fun and exciting. Even when he pulls out "Onew sangtae/condition" he smiles and laughs along with everyone else. And his smile is so unexplainably it's somewhat like if the world was covered in complete darkness and one tiny strip of light shown through then you'd have what his smile is like. It's also like the sun itself. Then there's V. He has a super playful and dorky smile that you can't ignore and that will always make you smile with him. It is as warm as a blanket to keep you warm on a cold, wintery night and it lights up the world just as the blanket of snow covering the streets and people's yards does. It is just as pure and innocent as that blanket of snow as well. I know I said earlier that I wasn't going to be able to answer but this time I really mean it. BOTH OF THEIR SMILES ARE BEAUTIFUL AND NECESSARY TO LIFE. ☆Q13) Between 5 & 10: Who would make the better father/mother? ●Taemin & Hoshi Oh.MY.LORDDDDD....the two cutest children? And I have to pick who would be the better father??? Alright...but have you seen Taem on Hello Baby?? I love Hosh and all, and he could likely be an amazing dad, but Taem is the definite choice after that show....sorry Hoshi...I love you still. ☆Q14) Between 6 & 9: Who would you rather be stuck on an isolated Island With? ●Key & Amber I thought I'd be cut some slack since this is the last pair up...but oh no. A Shinee member and LLAMA. And Key, the diva, at that! I absolutely love Amber and I really want to meet her. She is my #1 role model and she is super funny and adorable. She is responsible as well and I feel like I wouldn't have to worry about a thing with her around. And Key....he makes sure to take care of everyone he loves or whomever he is with...and I know he'd make it super fun! But, I feel like, just to weasle my way out of this, I wouldn't to force Key to have to be stranded on an island with me...he is too fabulous for that! So...I'd most definitely pick Amber :) It'd be nice to be able to stay with unni anyways :3
Phew...I'm finally done!!! That was a rollercoaster of feels that I never want to go on again. Idek why I thought it would be a good idea to subject myself to this kind of torture. But anyways, it was interesting and fun! I don't really know who has done this yet and I don't know too many people still, so I'll leave it up to anybody who sees this to do it or not!
@AlyssaGelet818 Lmao ain't that the truth. They know what they are doing. punks. XD
@AimeeH Lol xD I feel like we'll make it and it'll turn out to be just like this card xD I'm sure you've seen it too...the more we try to stop them the worse they get!
@AlyssaGelet818 Lol that should be an actual thing! It's about time we did something to stop them!!! 😂😂
@AlyssaGelet818 Lmao!! YEASSS! #StopTheIdolsMadness2k16
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