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About a year ago, I shared a simple updo tutorial using a headband and tucking technique. Today, I found another method that will not require a headband to create a similar hairstyle. In fact, I think this method is much more versatile and beautiful than the headband trick. This hairstyle is suitable for any occasion including work! Below are two versions based on hair lengthen.

Tuck in Updo for Shoulder Length Hair

Since your hair is shoulder length pulling all your hair in a ponytail will cause loose strands from the side. 1) Divide your hair in three sections and make a ponytail with the middle part. This will be your base for the tuck-in.
2) Create an opening with above the elastic and flip your ponytail in. 3) Begin tuck in the sides.
4) Then finish by tucking in the remaining hair to create a bun. If your hair is too silky you might want to secure the the bun with a couple of bobby pins.

Tuck in Updo for Mid-Long Hair

This is similar to the method above. 1) Instead of parting your hair, go ahead and pull all your hair back into a low-ponytail. 2) Create an opening above the elastic.
3) Flip the ponytail in.
4) Tighten it up.
5) Add another elastic at the end of the ponytail.
6) This will help ensure the hair will stay in place when you roll it into a bun. 7) Make sure you start from the end and work your way up.
8) Once you reach the nape, secure it with a few bobby pins.
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these are sooo pretty and easy!!!