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I love tomatoes. They go well with so many dishes and can be enjoyed at any point of the day. It's not too heavy on the body also, so I get to enjoy them in peace!
Most people dislike tomatoes though. I know plenty of people who avoid them as much as possible. As a result, tomatoes often get a bad rep as a item of choice when making a meal.
Thankfully, some people are speaking up in regards to the value of the tasty treat!
New research suggests that wasted tomatoes (those that have just been discarded instead of consumed or used to throw at others) could actually provide enough energy to power Disney World. In fact, Florida’s wasted tomatoes alone could power the park for at least 90 days
A team of scientists, who have developed a “microbial electrochemical cell,” with tomato power in mind have discovered a way in which to turn all those unloved tomatoes into an electric current.
If research keeps pushing forward, Tomatoes could become a powerful and clean source of energy from people across the globe.
So think twice about passing by tomatoes in the aisle, they could become a rare delicacy in the near future. Enjoy them while you can!
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Ketchup is good! To be honest, the only tomatoes I don't like are raw cherry tomatoes. Everything else is fair game.
I just don't like any raw tomatoes at all!! UNLESS they're on a taco. Lol. Tacos make everything ok! ^_^ @danidee @christianmordi
@ButterflyBlu i think because then they're all chopped up. It's the gooey seed part that grosses me out.
@danidee EXACTLY!! I scoop out all the yucky seeds and mush and just use the firm part. I'm glad we agree. Lol <3
@ButterflyBlu That's why when I eat cherry tomatoes, I need to slice them in half first and saute them a little bit so all the gooey goes away lol.