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Wooh! I am excited and I will try my best on completing this hunt!!! This is my scavenger hunt partner. Please enter us into the prize drawing. @krin Let's get this on!!
1. Pictures of each member in my favorite MADE tour outfits. Explain why? I was able to find this picture with, conveniently, all members. ( I hope this still counts) These are amazing! This is from what I presume their last stop in Malaysia! I am a simple kind of girl...most of the time....these outfits scream simple! Neutral colors that make for a nice unity among the members...even the ones who are wearing all black (Panda, GDragon and Taeyang). Still for me at least shows their individual style. TOP from what I have seen is all about big jackets, Panda loves snapbacks, Taeyang can never miss out an opportunity to show some skin, Dae well he looks cute in everything and GDragon fierce in everything as well!!
2. My favorite live performance video from the MADE tour This is my favorite song from M and it touched my heart. I listen to it when I am feeling down and it always works getting my mood up. I have watched all live performances and this is in my top 2 for this song. Plus the gold outfits weren't bad. Daesung and Taeyang giving it their all (damn vocals killing me) so do the rest. I love hearing TOP singing....its soothing.
3. Favorite MV from the MADE singles. No doubt Loser...which was filmed in LA...a couple of minutes away from where I live!!! So sad I couldn't see them when they were sooo close.... Second favorite song from the singles....another that really tugged at my heart!! The lyrics hurt and the music video was raw with emotions and different lives....ahh hurts too much!
4. MADE fanart (five ex) I love seeing makes me happy that fandoms have extremely talented people who show the world such beauty!! I know how to draw....bug not on the level of these amazing people (all rights go to owners I just found them in google) I love the different styles each evoke.... I adore the chibi!!!! Look at Dae eating a sub!!!! -dies of overdosing on cuteness- -comes back- Sorry it was too much for me!
5. Picture of a MADE concert ticket I couldn't find an LA I got the closest one....which is actually Australia...ehh I would kill to go to any Kpop concert.....-crying near my window- if only.....
6. 1 picture,video and gif of the crowd at a MADE concert. These were a mission to find.... Just wow!! Look at that crowd....immense loads of people....I would be scared to perform in front of that many people!!! Australians singing!!! It amazes that we as international fans are just like Korean fans....we all love these boys and are capable of singing any song!!!
7. Video or clip of favorite V naver Made episode and explain why? I have two...just in case.... The first is them listening to If you and they are so professional...just look at them so into the song. Making no noise and enjoying the made me realize how much I love these boys! Because I would never be able to hear that with a straight face... The second....its fantastic baby!! Enough how I wouldn't kill to have seen this must be super crazy!!
8. Video of Big bang interacting with crowd at any MADE concert This made me laugh more than it should....look at how Taeyang throws himself onto the crowd! He is kind of interacting because he had so much trust in his fans to even catch how the security guards rush to get him back on stage!!
9. Pictures of fans wearing MADE merchandise (3 ex) This was actually harder to find than the tickets..... They all loom so happy and they are wearing MADE shirts
10. Video of your favorite MADE tour report and why? This is my first favorite of If you much emotion.... To think that the badass rappers could sing such an emotional song... Panda beautiful voice....Dae you always do The soul in Tae's voice killed me....
11. Pictures from favorite MADE related photoshoot Okay....yes I admit I loved all the ballad type of concepts in this series....Let's not fall in love...made me fall deeper in love with the boys.....
12. Video, picture or gif of a MADE fan tribute I found this it has several MADE songs and I really enjoyed it!!
We both picked an If You performance as our favorite tour report lol
Great job BBSH newbie! You found some neat things, like the mash up. I really enjoyed your enthusiasm.
@krin we did heh!!!
Who cant not deny If You as a favorite .. its just sooo lovely... 💖