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When You Can't Choose Between Your Two Favorite Things

I'm not even really a cat person, and yet this tattoo melts my cold and frost-bitten heart.

When I first started art school, I remember one of our first day 'icebreakers' was to talk about what our tattoo would look like if we could create any tattoo for ourselves, and I remember drawing a picture of Petunia (Little Pete's tattoo) from The Adventures of Pete & Pete. (Unoriginal, I know, but I just really liked that show, okay?!)

What would YOUR tattoo look like?

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@eunjungt21 BAHAHAHA, I'm never going to look at pizzicato the same way again.
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I wanted to be a heart... something simple... I even told my mom I wanted to tattoo my boys names on my ankles sort of like a ankle charm but with thire names..... But since I avoid pain 😅 I don't want any😖... But I always like to see what people choose as a tattoo... but some get mad cuz I stare like the. why did you do them? just for your self to see?.... I don't get it sometimes😔... but for the most part I'm one of those people that tries to see discreetly... if that's even possible 😦😅
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Hahahaha, you're just a stealthy tattoo appreciator. @GuerlyReyes Ain't no shame.
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