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Critics be damned, but I actually enjoyed Dawn of Justice! I'll try to convey what I thought without spoilers, for those who have yet to see it, so this should be pretty quick!
First, let me address the title, because it's a little bit of a trick. I think "Batman v Superman" is actually a hook and a cover up so that the real title, "Dawn of Justice," is overshadowed and overlooked, which I think is kinda clever. I believe that one of the reasons this got a bad review is that it is actually a prologue for what is to come in the DC cinematic universe, and critics don't get it and/or don't know how to handle it.
General comments: - Kept Hans Zimmer for music - noice ♥ - Pacing was a bit slow at times, probably due to the plot being a bit disjoint, switching between the plot of the individual movie and introduction of the bigger picture plot (remember how I said this was more of a prologue?) - This one will be vague to avoid spoilers, but some characters do not act as expected, but keep an open mind because I smell character development! - Superman is a bit of an idiot; there were various times I found myself thinking "he should have done <INSERT SMARTER ACTION HERE>," but I guess it was to a forgivable extent - Cute one liners/easter eggs - always a plus in my book
So the verdict? It may not become a favorite, but I certainly didn't hate it on its own merits. It was definitely enjoyable, and as I've made clear, I can see it's going somewhere, so I'm eager to see where it leads! Considering the situation with it being kind of a prologue, it's hard to judge it on its own, but I think I'd give it somewhere around 3.5-4 out of 5 stars! So those are my thoughts! If you've seen it, let me know what you think!
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^^ agreed that was a weird choice
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@Boggleman @shannonl5 I was not sure that jimmy until I really thought about it. then it made me really question this superman's morality.
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@MalcolmAllen @Boggleman I feel like they kinda let the morality go with Batman too. He had guns! Whyyyyyyyy
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@shannonl5 true but it was like he only showed up to save Lois which is why I feel they might pull some injustice plot for a later movie considering what the flash said.
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