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to think about those times i loved getting up early in the morning to watch these its sad to see that..... shit im getting older, my life back then was just full of the shows that ment so much and it kinda hard to see that .....fuck i grew up to quick.......
Yup it's sad.. but hey... way of the world. .
this is why I abandoned all those TV shows and completely devoted myself to anime and games because I'm just really sick of the shows they have now. they either fuck up the old good shows like teen titans or just put a show with no plot or story which is the rest of them.
This is really sad 馃槩 my childhood was amazing and yes I do still watch cartoons while my little cousins play on their tablets :(
miss the good old days, before technology advanced this quick. The cartoons back than too馃槩
Mmmmmmmm not necessarily true I'm 10 yet is rather sit down and watch cartoons like well ones that are ancient to me. Sure the amazing world of gumball and adventure time are cool but I'd rather watch something different then what the whole world of kids finds entertainment in
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