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I wrote this for @amberg171997 as a present. This is also my first fanfic so I'm pretty nervous posting it on here but hey, you have to get out of your comfort zone. Anywho let's get on with this!
LOST STARS 'Today is going to be an amazing day' you thought to yourself, for it was your birthday. But for some reason you couldn't help feeling down, maybe it's because your turning 19 and still haven't experienced love. The way it feels to hold that someone's hand while walking down the street in silence just happy to be in each other's presence, to have them look you in the eyes lovingly while whispering the words "I love you", to feel their warm, soft, pink lips on yours. You sighed wondering if you'll ever be able to experience that one day, to be able to finally find your lost star. Your phone dings taking you out of your thoughts, it was a text from your friends saying they are going to be a little late. They had planned on taking you out to a nice restaurant for your birthday. Since they were going to be late you decide to go for a walk to clear your mind from your depressing thoughts. Heading out the door you put on Jungkook's cover of lost stars, you always loved listening to his covers but this one was your favorite, the passion in his voice was just unexplainable. "Who are we? Just a speck of dust within the galaxy~" that line always spoke to you and the way Jungkook sings it sends shivers down your spine. You close your eyes engulfing yourself in his voice when all of a sudden you trip. You scrunch up your face waiting to be met with the ground but to your surprise it never comes. That's when you realize you are leaning against someone with their arms wrapped around you. Jumping out of the strangers arms you apologize with a panicked voice "ah I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to-" "hey your listening to my cover" you were cut off by the stranger. You slowly look up to see two beautiful pairs of eyes you've only seen through the screen of your phone. "Jungkook?" You ask almost in a whisper, "the one and only" Jungkook replies with a cute little giggle. 'Ah he is so cute!' You have to hold yourself from fangirling but it was so hard I mean you were standing right in front of 'The Golden Maknae'. "So I take it your a fan?" Jungkook asks, "Oh my gosh yes I love you!" You practically yell in the poor kids face. Jungkook looks at you with wide eyes "oh?" "And the rest of Bangtang of course" you say getting red, gosh Amber why do you embarrass yourself like this? Jungkook laughs showing off his eye smile making you melt on the spot, "so what brings you out on a beautiful day like this?" Jungkook asks, "oh well today's my birthday and my friends are supposed to be picking me up to go to dinner but they are running late so I decided to take a walk" you explain. "Oh happy birthday~! But I was watching you earlier and you looked so sad, why is a pretty girl like you sad on her birthday?" Jungkook asks with a concerned voice. "Ha it's actually kinda stupid really, it's just……never mind" you say a little flustered looking at the ground not daring to look Jungkook in the eyes. "Hey it's okay you can tell me I won't laugh" Jungkook says with such a soothing voice you can't help but want to pour your feelings out, "well it's just that I'm turning 19 and still haven't found love yet. Everyone around me is in a happy relationship being loved by the person that makes them happy and I'm just here under the grey sky's wishing for that day to come. And I know that day will come but sometimes I can't help but think that maybe it'll never happen." You could feel your eyes getting hot and tears start to form, Jungkook then lifts your chin up so that your eyes finally meet his, "hey don't say that you are so pretty and I may not know you but you seem like a very kindhearted girl, the way you pour out your heart just makes you that much more attractive. I want you to know that you will find that special someone and that person is going to be so lucky to have you. Plus your my fan so that just gives you extra points." You giggle getting red from his words, "thank you that means a lot coming from you", Jungkook looks at you confused "what do you mean?" "Well first of all I never thought I would actually meet you and then for you to comfort me and tell me that I'm pretty is something that your fans always dream about. Plus you have all those beautiful Korean girls that your always surrounded by but yet your here with me." Jungkook chuckles "trust me I wouldn't have come over here and talked to you if I didn't think you were beautiful and even though I've only talked to you for a couple of minutes I already feel close to you, I've never felt that way with any of those girls before." Hearing Jungkook say that sent sparks to your heart and you couldn't stop smiling like an idiot. "Yah Jungkookie we have to get going!" "I'll be there in a minute! Ah that's my manager but I would really love to keep talking to you umm…haha I'm sorry I forgot to ask your name" Jungkook rubs the back of his neck embarrassed. "Hehehe it's okay, my name is Amber" you say trying to keep yourself from pinching his cheeks because of his cuteness, "oh like Amber from f(x)!? I love that name!… and f(x) haha. Here's my phone number you can call me whenever. It was really nice meeting you Amber" Jungkook then gives you a warm soft kiss on the cheek "I won't forget you, talk to you later~." You just stand there with wide eyes as you watch him get in the car. Little did you know that today was the day you finally found your lost star.
So there it is haha 😅 it's not the best but I tried. I hope you liked it! @sarabear1021 @nenegrint14 @Nasiawright @HeyImAlly
this is wonderful *screams with to much excitement* 😊😁😱😍😍😍
I love it!
Aww this is cute😊
@HeyImAlly aww your so sweet ^^
awww it was cute.
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