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Snow White With the Red Hair: 2nd Season Finale~
Will we get another season :( I'm going to rewatch this like 800 times before then. I hope we at least get another OVA or four!!!!
**spoilers through the end of S2 of Snow White with the Red Hair**

Shirayuki looks so pretty!

And she is a Friend of the Crown, which is a totally ridiculous but totally cool title. I really hope that she speaks up and just says that she wants to marry Zen already. It's clear what she wants, I think, but she needs to be more bold about it now that she really is on equal footing with him in many ways, and in a way that people can actually see! I'm glad that Zen has encouraged her to voice that, too.

A beautiful ending to another beautiful season!

It was nice to see Mihaya appear in a position that didn't seem very much like him. And to see Sakaki. AND SO MUCH KISSSSINNNNNGG!!! That neck kiss, holy crap. Was not expecting. Also was not expecting her legs to collapse lololol. That's too much!! But seriously, it was all so beautiful!

I don't doubt that Shirayuki & Zen's path will be difficult!

But also totally successful! Izana clearly is on their side but in a really difficult way. He knows that people will ask questions & cause problems, so he's doing his best to do that first, it seems. I hope that they continue to stand strong & prove that he is doing the right thing supporting them!!!

Why are people assuming we won't get another season? :(

I guess because it's Bones & their busy & it's unlikely for shoujo romance to get more but....I still want it! Though I did hear the later arcs aren't as exciting, so it might be better if we wait a bit for a third season so things can be compressed a bit...idk...!!!

Time to read the manga!

Just in case we DON'T get another season!
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@alliepetey I WANT them to make the mitsuhide / kiki arc into an OVA so badly!
2 years ago·Reply
@hikaymm YASSS!
2 years ago·Reply
im almost done watching S2 ill check if they put up the rest on my website. my god do i love this anime so i pray we get another season.
2 years ago·Reply
@LadyL I really hope so too!! if you post a card about how you feel about the ending let me know & tag me please ^^
2 years ago·Reply
@hikaymm i absolutely loved the ending. ❤❤ i cant get enough of them. (idk how to make cards):3
2 years ago·Reply