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Being comfortable with someone that gets you is so much more than just taking your makeup off in front of them or farting without wanting to die of embarrassment.

Here are some things that suddenly stop mattering when you're with that special someone.

1. Your "type"

I thought my type was the loud, outgoing, funny type. I don't really like facial hair, I'm not looking for someone who is super sporty - but here I am with my relatively reserved, introverted boyfriend.
Once we find someone who truly compliments us, we realize that maybe our ideal types weren't exactly what we needed.

2. Your insecurities

When you have someone that completely adores you, that makes you feel like the most important person on earth in their eyes, you sort of stop caring about that pimple on your face, or the weight you gained this winter.

3. Your privacy

Sure, time for yourself is important, but suddenly it matters less and less if you have that crucial "me time." You're able to share anything and everything and don't feel the need to keep certain things hidden.
What's yours is theirs. Their problems are your problems, your fears are their fears.

4. What other people think

When you're secure in a relationship, suddenly the thoughts of what other people think stop mattering. What matters is you and your significant other. How they're feeling, what they're thinking, and how the relationship is working.

5. Your fears of the future

Where am I going to be in 10 years? 5 years? Tomorrow? All these fears and worries start to seem so much less daunting when you know you have a sidekick that won't let you down. You've found the person that is going to get through anything and everything with you. So bring it on, world.
Awww, got the prize then ^.^ the wait is worth it when there's no worries once you find it
You are correct...finding or having mutual comfortability makes for a healthier relationship and deeper love for each other.
I can relate to all of the points above especially #1. We are total opposites and I have no idea how we managed to do this but somehow things just fell right in place.
soo true!!!
I'm afraid I've found my person, but they don't live anywhere near me :/
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