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Whoa! I'd almost forgotten to do this! Which would have been no good on the second day lol. The girls @Lexxcisco @jessicaacosta90 and @EliseB tagged me in this bad boy. So let's get this party started eh? Bias in red! I couldn't pick just one since my heart is a wild Mustang that cannot be tamed. Luckily my UB gets to make an appearance! Yay~! But first some Tao ♡
Boy is looking good in that sweater. How you do.
The one and only UB. Lee Sungyeol! So beautiful...
Matching jackets with Myungsoo. Aigoo so cute!
That's my boo. A little shit to the end!
Had to throw in some Jungkook looking fierce af. Work it, papi.
That was fun! Pretty sure I got carried away again... ahh oh well!
Ooooo they all look so good in red!!!
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@Lexxcisco right?? it was impossible to choose between them lol
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OhmyLord Tao 😱😲😱😲😱😲
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