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I'm all for showing the world how much you love your special person, but sometimes I feel like I am in the relationship too based on how much I know about them.

Here are 3 kinds of couples that I wish would sort of chill out.

1. The Countdown Couple

Somehow I have reached the age where all my friends are getting married. I love my friends, I really do, but the countdowns to your weddings, your bridal showers, your baby showers, your honeymoon, to dinner, its REALLY GETTING OLD.
Especially when you're counting down "5 days until Forever Begins" ooooh that one grinds my gears. Don't put a number (and definitely not a hashtag) on it!

2. When They Make an Account for Their Relationship

Your boyfriend is not a corgi. Why does he have his own Instagram? My boyfriend is cute AF too but I'm not going to throw him up there with the #boyfriendsofinstagram.
My friends' personalized wedding hashtags were bare-able only because I could pretend they weren't there haha. (But yo, shout out to "My Wife Makes" cause you were doin' it right!)

3. The Kissy Selfie Couple

For the love of God, I do not want to see a daily kiss pic of your and your lover on my feed. We get it, you're cute and in love, but shouldn't that be enough for you? Do you need other people to like your photo in order for that kiss to matter?

I get that you're in love, and that's GREAT, but sometimes I fear that the joy of sharing the relationship isn't as fun as actually being in the relationship.

Does anyone else have couples on their social media that they wish would just...not?

Are you an over-sharer?!

I know em! but i just don't care lol. They're happy, I'm happy. At least they ain't the friends that go around complaining about everything and anything lol
It gets ridiculous with some people. I feel like I am in their relationship. Today me and Bae (I hate that word) are going out to eat. Status number 2 photo "this is what bae and I had for dinner" status 3 "no one comes between me and bae" followed by corny song lyrics.
i read that couples who social media too much are really unstable and insecure...and so far all my friends who do that haven't lasted.
I know a few ppl on my Facebook that post crap about their relationship (that is always annoying and contadicting) for example: "can't wait for [boyfriend] to come home! I miss him and love him so much. He's the love of my life!" one week later, the same person writes the same thing about a different guy. And others where they join their accounts, but have only been together for a short time. So annoying. But the first one I mentioned really grinds my gears!!!
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