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Yes It's the time of the month so let's get it started!
Ah Yes I decided to start out with Hoseok for a specific reason.

Feel free to comment below which BTS member I should find an imagine for next!

Your phone beeping echoed throughout your dark room and you had already lost the count of how many times it had done so through the day, that without actually counting the amount of missed calls.
You grumbled annoyed by the bright light of the screen that was hurting your eyes so you took one of your fluffy pillows and put it in front of your face, closing your eyes to stop the upcoming headache.
There could be only one person that would be so insistent to call you twenty more times after you didn’t answer the first two calls, and that person was your boyfriend, Hoseok.
You felt a bit bad for ignoring him this way, because it had been going on for about a week and you couldn’t hide anymore what was going on.
You weren’t sure how it happened, but you got varicella. At first you tried disguising it, naturally. Not really speaking about it to Hoseok, but as the weeks went by, it was becoming harder. Before it was easy because he was away and you didn’t have to face him, but now he was back since about a week ago and you didn’t want to see him. You loved Hoseok dearly, and you were sure he was suspecting something was going on, you weren’t as cheerful as always, didn’t send him any photos or videos trough the weeks he was away and since he came you avoided every meeting and now completely ignored him.
A little voice in the back of your mind said you should tell him everything, How you were feeling but you didn’t want him to lose his focus or to worry him, and you knew you should tell him that you were sick but you felt embarrassed by how you looked, with all of the little dots in your skin and you didn’t want him to see you like that, much less wanted him to get sick because of your fault. So it all came down to a lot of “shoulds” that you didn’t do and left you missing Hoseok like crazy if you were honest with yourself, you missed his hugs and kisses, his joyful laugh, his jokes and bubbly self around you.
Your arm moved out from beneath the covers and before you knew you had your phone inside your hand, narrowing your eyes to focus on the phone while you unlocked it and of course, just as you suspected it, Hoseok’s name was shining on the screen.
You opened your inbox and started to go through the amount of messages he sent you, it was all a mix of “jagi where are you?” “Are you ignoring me?” I miss you, this is not fun…” “What happened? Is something wrong?” “Jagi are you mad? Is it my fault?”
But the last message that was sent twenty three minutes ago made you sit straight on your bed while you read it again with big eyes. “I’m going to your house.”
You stared at the screen for what felt like ages, if Hoseok decided to go there you knew there weren’t many things that would stop him, in fact, once he decided something he wasn’t one to step back or give it up.
Shoving the covers and pillows around you away, you stood up from the bed, running towards the wall near the door to turn on the lights after several days of staying in the dark inside your room.
The lights blinded you for a moment and you had to blink twice to adjust your eyes to it, and when you did, you took a look at yourself and your state.
You were wearing your green pajamas, the long ones with baggy pants that arrived to your ankles and a long sleeves shirt. Walking to the mirror you stared at your reflection, you hadn’t combed your hair and it was all over the place so you smoothed it down with your hands, but then your eyes landed on the little dots that showed on your neck and the few ones that were here and there on your face; you couldn’t do much about those, the varicella takes some weeks to go away and you were in the last stage of it but the dots were still there, most of them covered by your long pajamas but still.
You mind wandered back to Hoseok and as on time, the doorbell of your house was ringing, making you freeze in front of the mirror.
Hoseok was standing in your doorstep, a mix of feelings making home inside him. He was confused, alarmed, distressed all in one; he knew you had a reason to not answer the calls or any of his messages and he wanted to know that reason.
All he wanted to do was see you, at least to know you were ok so he didn’t think twice before going to your house. He rang the bell once again, insisting, and was glad when the door was opened for him by your mom.
He greeted her, and asked about you so your mother told him about your sickness.
-She doesn’t want to come out of her room, I’m afraid- your mother said, and Hoseok nodded, placing his hands inside his pockets.
-Can I go and talk with her? – your mother offered him a kind smile and now Hoseok was walking to your room.
He stopped in front of your door and knocked twice. –Y/N? I know you’re there, can you please talk to me? –
You heard your boyfriend outside and your heart was beating wild with the sound of his voice. You walked towards the door and pressed your forehead on it, closing your eyes.
-Hobi…- you pronounced his name softly, and on the other side of the door, Hoseok pressed his open palm against the surface to the sound.
-Jagi, there’s no need to hide from me- you stood silent, still with the door closed. –I bet you still look lovely-
That put a smile on your lips, you knew you weren’t looking lovely at all, more like a mess if you were to describe yourself, but it still made you smile.
-You shouldn’t be here Hoseok, you can get sick- this time it was him the one staying silent and you held your breath. But after a moment he finally spoke again.
-Well you should have told me about this so we’re even babe- Hoseok wasn’t going away that easy, if that was what you were trying to achieve. He was staring at the closed door dying to look at your eyes instead. –I won’t get sick –
-You don’t know that…- you said back to him. Hoseok smiled, he had a stubborn girlfriend that he loved. He placed his back against the closed door and let himself slid down to the floor noisily to emphasize his words.
-I’m not leaving without you opening that door babe- Hoseok said as if nothing, the smile he had was clear on his tone.
-You’re lying, you won’t spend the day sitting there – you said but he could hear the doubt in your voice.
-Actually, is quite comfortable down here- he laughed softly, closing his arms in front of his chest. You didn’t answer him so he called you out.
-Y/N? –
-Hmm? – you were still resting against the closed door, knowing Hoseok was really staying there for good.
-I won’t get sick ok? If you had told me this before I could have told you that I already had varicella when I was a kid, so I can be around you and it won’t affect me-
You opened your eyes to that. –Is that true? – Hoseok closed his eyes and rested the back of his head against the door.
-I would never lie to you jagi, you know that…-
Your hand moved to the door knob and stood there. If he wasn’t going to get sick that was relieving for you since that was your main concern, but then again, you were always dressed to the nines in front of Hoseok being a girly girl always with pretty hair, clothes and makeup, and you didn’t know how he was going to react to your sick self. But the need of him was bigger, you knew that with him around you’d feel ten times better so you took a deep breath and opened the door the tiniest bit, so little you couldn’t even look at Hoseok properly through the slit.
To the sound of the door opening, Hoseok quickly stood up. –Promise you won’t laugh of me- you said.
-I won’t- Hoseok answered, starting to get restless so he pushed the door softly and you didn’t stop him.
He rushed inside and you were instantly surrounded by his arms, he held you so tightly you were practically crushed against him but it felt so good since you were already so accustomed to his nearness and the safety of his embrace, you hugged him back, your arms coiled around his neck while his were surrounding your waist.
-You silly, don’t ever get away from me this way again. I’m supposed to be here for you at any time, did you hear that? – Hoseok said with his head buried in the crook of your neck.
-I’m sorry Hobi- you said softly, your fingertips caressing his nape and hair tenderly. –I missed you a lot-
-Not more than me- he raised his head and his hands cupped your face, he stared into your eyes and took a look at your face, smiling right after. –See? You’re still lovely-
You giggled, looking away from him. –Don’t say that, you know I’m not-
Hoseok moved your head towards him again. –Of course you are! Besides, you’re wearing green, I love green and I love you, nothing can go wrong-
He bent forward to place a kiss on the tip of your nose and then pressed your foreheads together.
-I love you Y/N- his eyes were closed but you were looking at him. –Whenever you’re sick you don’t have to doubt, call me and I’ll come. If you need me I’ll always be here, I promise-
-Hoseok…- you whispered and he hushed you softly.
-The reason why I’m here is the same one of all this time that I have been with you, it hasn’t changed jagi, I love you. I love you good- Hoseok placed a kiss on your forehead and moved down. –and I love you sick too- he then placed a soft kiss on your lips, making you close your eyes to the sweet feeling.
-I love you too Hobi- Hoseok smiled against your lips and kissed you again. Then he took your hand and pulled you towards the bed, making you lay down.
-Now you have to rest to get well- you laughed while he put the covers over you and sat next to the bed, resting his chin on the edge of it.
-I can’t believe my mom let you come here- you said playing with the edge of the eiderdown.
Hoseok laughed cheerfully, a big grin was occupying his face.
-Why she wouldn’t? No one can resist me, everybody loves Jung Hoseok- he winked at you and you laughed again, you didn’t know why you ever thought he wouldn’t want to be near you.
You took his hand and intertwined your fingers with his, not minding anymore if he saw the little dots showing on the back of your hand and your wrist.
-Especially me – you said and leaned in for a loving kiss.
-I’m coming again tomorrow to take care of you- Hoseok said against your lips, his fingers were caressing softly the skin of your wrist. –And there’s no hiding from me this time jagi.-

CREDITS: Bangtan-Spells

To all the netizens out there who believe Jhope is ugly. Bro get your eyes checked because it appears as if you're blind. And no one should be calling anyone ugly. Anyone who does are those people who are ugly on the inside.
Sorry for my rant but I'm so done with this.


Tagging all the beauties! 💕
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Who calling my hope ugly? Smh nobody in BTS us ugly especially my hobi he's not only attractive outside he's such a good person and friend it makes him even more attractive to me. This was a sweet story and I can totally imagine hoesok doing this.
Jin won this time 😳. But Kookie shall win sometime this week... 😬 @Bikutoria13
The Love of my life, Jin. ❤❤
This was adorable as omf n IFKR LIKE JHOPE IS SO NOT EFFING UGLY LIKE bro no ppl need eye exams like asap n do kookie jebal owo
Do JIMIN 😍😍😍
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