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OK so lately I've been making collages of Beast and using them as wallpapers for my phone. as I do that I find fun icon packs to go with them. right now I kind of am running out of ideas for my themes and would like possiblly switch to other bands for my phone...idk maybe I'll do a collage with my top 3 bias or idk but I'm getting kind of bored and need ideas pleas. these are what I have so far.
I'm getting kind of repeatative with my Beast I know so any ideas? colors? themes so I can make my phone screen different then I'm used to? I'm too lazy to tag anyone right now so anyone's ideas are loved.
crap. I fixed the pictures twice....I screen shoted it
Hmm the images aren't showing up :( Do you know how you entered them? its happening to a lot of people and we're trying to figure out why...