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As GD's New magazine Nylon coming out... many seems to like to ignore the girl... which I totally understand. So they put Dae instead. I think they look lovely together!!
I enjoyed GDxDAE!!
But we don't want to ignore our cute GD here!!
Here is more photos on the magazine...
And yes I filter out the girl...
We just need our GD here!!
Just him!! Sorry whoever that "real" girl is... I am sorry... credit to the owner of these photos
When everyone is talking about Kiko or nana, I'm just diggin those pictures of GD by the roses in that vibrate filter 😍😍😍 ITS SO COLORFUL! It's my new wallpaper πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸŒΉπŸŒΊπŸ’‹πŸ’•
@catchyacrayon I know... focus point... GGGG... D!!!!
when he took the photos with dae he looks so uniform happy lol
Aww, Dae is trying to take over Nana Komatsu <<(the real girls name) place lol XD Their photoshoot together was a little "weird" they said they had met before, but it was only for a short while so the shoot was awkward at first but it got better as it went along :P . . But know it's time for me to "collect my items and go" *saves GD photos* lol THANKS JTOP~(^.^)~
I think I got people confused here...oops...I see many viewers were editing the photos into someone they adored. Which mostly GDxPanda...than GDxDae...than GDxTOP...(but TOP's face just look so ....priceless as girl image, I myself can't handle of looking it)....So lots of photos I see is GD alone, without the "real Kiko Girl"......Fangirls will do anything for their idols...(x_x)
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