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Through the months of BTS, VIXX, GOT7, LR, and many other bands coming out with amazing albums and featuring a whole new style and a way to look at them through 2015 and 2016, it is extremely tough to stop being distracted by these streamline gorgeous men and spreading the love that each band demands from us multifandoms. Sometimes we get so caught up and infatuated with one group that we forget to pay attention to the others, which may cause some jealousy and a tad bit of bro fighting - we don't want that!! Sometimes we realize that we need to get a life outside of kpop/kdramas, unfortunately, and live our lives and stop living theirs' which in turn leaves all our babies out of the forefront of our minds - not to worry, Jooheon will always be in the background stomping his feet and trying to demand attention through his "kkukkuggagga" - and most of the time winning. Sometimes we get so distracted by the last comeback or the last goodbye to a band as a whole group for a certain amount of time that we didn't even realize that the next group's MV or whatever they had was up.
Like for instance, I love HISTORY, they are one of my favorites and I was so distracted by saying goodbye (sobs) to BigBang for a while (especially TOP), watching BTS either die, run, or something else in their album (I'm still not sure what all went on in those videos), and watching KnK being promoted and watching them grow that I missed my History babies' new MV that came out in December of 2015. I am extremely annoyed and ashamed that I JUST saw this today/tonight as I am trying to get a paper done for a class. (translation: me trying to act like I don't have a paper and using the internet as an excuse to not do it.)
One thing that I've realized as a kpop fan, as a kpopper with multifandoms, we are amazing. I stayed up from 2am to 4am to wait on LR's Beautiful Liar, and I stayed up from 4am to 7:30am for BigBang's Concert on the V app. We were able to get over 4 million hearts on the V app for BigBang if you added all of them up on the split cams, and we were able to get LR's MV up to either half a million or a million views in two to four hours.
So, maybe it's just me or maybe there's not a lot of people who know about this video and many other videos that HISTORY has done but their viewing rates are extremely low. On this particular video of theirs they have 87,067 views, 3,266 likes, and 17 dislikes. This video went up in December 16, 2015, maybe everyone can understand that I am annoyed that this amazingly skilled, beautiful, and talented men don't get the attention on their MVs that they deserve. I am to blame as well for this, I didn't even know they had a MV out! But since I found out I have listened to them for two hours straight to get this view up and the others.
BUT CAN YOU HELP A SISTER OUT HERE??? THEY DESERVE A LOT MORE THEN 87,000 VIEWS ON ANY OF THEIR MVS. Just like GOT7, VIXX, SUJU, and Eric Nam deserve. We've had three months to get the views to at least 200,000, something our amazing fandoms can do in two hours of listening to Beautiful Liar.... two hours after it came out....
So, follow STORIAs and other multifandoms peeps, will you help this band out getting the attention that they deserve??? PLEASE!!!?
Actually @MelissaGarza and I were talking about trying to make a History community! If we show that more people are into History, Vingle will make it a community :D
♥ History - April 11th, they said last night is the Comeback release =]
history is amazing. people wonder how us fangirls in multifandoms survive and it's we dont. I stayed up for hours for b.a.p when they were finally coming out with young wild and free on the vapp. I forced myself to stay awake.
So I'm not the only one who feels totally guilty for paying less attention to a group? Man it feels so bad when I spend less time with my favorite groups
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