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Naomi Watts portraying the late Princess Diana. "Diana" will follow the last two years of the Princesses' life -- from her problems in her marriage and Diana's romantic relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan to the media frenzy that followed her wherever she went. There's still no word on a release date for the film in the U.S., but it's set to make it's debut in the UK on September 20. credit:toofab
@shoenami I think she was really kind of worried about taking the role because of the pressure, but from this, I think she nailed it! @YinofYang Hands down! she really is! great talent!
@oj1992 I loved that movie! That scene in the valley with the bugs and stuff...freaking shudder. @blairwitme @shoenami She is definitely a very, very good actress.
she embraced the role whole heartedly! and it's paying off.. playing Diana muat give one such pressure but she seems to be great at it!
I think she can transform herself at will!
Love naomi in King Kong.