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So let's say, for the sake of Would You Rather Wednesday, you're actually good at writing down what's going on in your life. Your feelings, your fears.

Now, let's say that someone found that book - and read it.

Every little mistake you made, lie you told. All your embarrassing moments and secrets are written on those pages.

Would you rather that someone be your MOM or your CRUSH?

At first I thought I'd let my boyfriend read it, but then I thought about the EMBARRASSING things he might read when I was still in crush-stage before the relationship.
But then again, do I want my mom reading my diary?! Uh, NO.

So the choice is yours! Significant other/crush OR your mother!?

since i dont have one my mom
My mother because she would never have made me feel bad about anything I'd written. Though I'm really bad at keeping journals. I always stop writing in them after a few weeks so there's big gaps between entries, but what I do write about is no cakewalk... which is why I keep it hidden for my eyes only.
My mother hahah I can trust her with anything and I know she'll want to know what is going on with me. Best way to let her know :D
instantly boyfriend, not that I have one, but he would truly know how I feel about him and if things dont work out then i can burn it, throw it away so it never happened
I would choose crush because: 1. My mom would analyze it and never let it go. 2. If my crush didn't reciprocate the feelings/got creeped out then I'd know right then that it wouldn't work out 3. If my crush did reciprocate the feelings then we'd probably start dating and that would be good!
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