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So let's say, for the sake of Would You Rather Wednesday, you're actually good at writing down what's going on in your life. Your feelings, your fears.

Now, let's say that someone found that book - and read it.

Every little mistake you made, lie you told. All your embarrassing moments and secrets are written on those pages.

Would you rather that someone be your MOM or your CRUSH?

At first I thought I'd let my boyfriend read it, but then I thought about the EMBARRASSING things he might read when I was still in crush-stage before the relationship.
But then again, do I want my mom reading my diary?! Uh, NO.

So the choice is yours! Significant other/crush OR your mother!?

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my mom, I tell her a lot anyways.
Lol my diary is pretty much public, on here anyway, btw I love the Heathers gif. That movie is everything!
significant other/ crush, you like me you gotta like the whole me. plus what mama don't know wrong hurt her 馃槣
Mom and crush are just as deadly so no. l should probably add a clause in my will about the no reading and disposal of my journals once lm gone.
I'd rather the SI read it than get a lecture from my mom