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Hey everyone!

After gathering your suggestions for WW, I have made up the calendar for this week & then all of April! Announcing it today so we can all join in tomorrow :P

MARCH 30: Battle Edition

Special help from: @TylerCinamella @pervysagex

April 6: Non-Human Edition

Special help from: @NeckoNecko @TaviaSwarney

April 13: Harem Edition

Special help from: @BlackoutZJ @AshChrimson @Janxsalas

April 20: Tsundere Edition:

Special help from: @Colonellinguis

April 27: Deceased Edition:

Special help from: @JohnMcCullough
If anyone else would like to help with particular weeks, let me know!

Tagging the WW crew! Prepare for WAR!

(aka battle edition, which starts tomorrow :P)
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@Janxsalas @AshChrimson YES! We will conquer this :)
@hikaymm I have a suggestion for a future WW theme. We can have a day were people choose a hair color they like and post waifus that have that hair color.
@JessicaFerrier Ahh!! Awesome idea :) I'll keep that down for the next week after these scheduled ones :)
I missed the battle edition>>"
@CreeTheOtaku You can still do it!!! Just tag me and i'll still clip it of course hahaha <3