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I had been thinking about it for a while now and I, along with my best friend, have decided to abandon social media. Now, I know it might only be for a while but what I hope to accomplish is a better understanding of myself, as well as just an escape from everything. The above quote was the final nail in the coffin for me. Sometimes in order to move on, we need to drop everything and start over. No temptations, no mentions, no anything that could take me back to where I want to escape. I hope this works out well for the both of us, so with that, I'll leave you guys with the same quote I left on my Facebook and Instagram:
P.s, I don't plan on leaving Vingle, only the accounts that run a risk of reminding me of what I would rather not remember
Good choice @Dynamo :) I've never heard anyone walk away from social media for a while and regret it. It seems like a healthy step that all of us should take now and then. Best of luck – focus on you for a while! You are your only you :3
@sophiamor Thank you very much! I'll keep you and everyone updated now and then c:
I've thought about this a lot too. I feel like, especially facebook, I'm just updating randomly to keep my family/estranged friends in the loop as to what I'm doing in my life. But I often think that if I REALLY want to know what they're up to, I can ask rather than just wordlessly watch. Same goes for anyone else. With digital footprints these days its hard to escape things when everything is so connected. Good luck with your journey!