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You guys, I was so embarrassed by my parents when I was in high school, and they definitely thought it was the funniest thing in the world. My dad would grow out his hair like Dr. Steve Brule from Tim & Eric Awesome Show, and my mom used to lecture all my friends with this thick Brooklyn accent. Needless to say, in So.Cal, we stuck out a LOT.
Of course, they're my parents and I loved (and still love!) them very much, but in my teenage mind, they were totally harshing any and all opportunities I had of being popular.

So when I watch the following video, I know that feel, but it doesn't stop me from laughing my ass off.

Basically, here's what happened: 9th grader Beth Bagley begged her embarrassing parents not to chaperone her high school dance. (AKA She jinxed herself pretty hard.)
What do her parents end up doing?

Crashing the party anyway - with a video camera!

And what does Beth end up doing?

Screaming 'I HATE YOU!' over and over in perfectly embarrassed teen girl fashion.

Does this seem like something your parents would do to you? Or even further, who else seriously can't wait until they can be THIS kind of parent?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more viral vids, follow my YouTube Nation collection.
Lol I can't wait until I can be this kind of parent. My daughter has no idea what's coming! Lol! I had no problems with my mom coming to my school. I was never embarrassed by her. She was always the one that my friends would run up to talk to. She wasn't the typical "cool mom," but she has always been pretty awesome. How many moms wear more black and skulls than her kid? Lol.
I am this kind of parent hehehe馃樇馃樇馃樇 basically if my kids tell me not to do something my buddysenses start to tingle 馃槧
@buddyesd She's 54, and still listens to Pantera, Gothminister, Clutch, CoC, and many other dark and/or hard rock. She just stopped going to concerts and moshing a few years ago. She's cool as shit. Lol.
I am totally this parent. I sing along and dance to the muzak in the grocery store, etc etc etc
@Animaniafreak The only years I was SUPER embarrassed by them were the first couple years I moved to California because I was so determined to make friends and try not to stand out, but my parents were very very very New York lol. People from the east coast have a reputation for being really blunt and having thick accents, and my parents definitely filled that role.
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