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After posting this card about the oh so fabulous cut creases of 60's mod makeup, I decided to do one myself! I didn't really look at many pictures or try to do anything specific, I just wanted to get a feel for what this kind of look could be like!

And I think it still needs some work :P

Don't get me wrong, I love how it looks, but I don't think I got the drama that the cut crease of the 60s brought on, you know? I could have definitely darkened the crease, but it looked so dark to me when applying that I kind of chickened out.
Also, that wing went way too far out without being dark enough to look intentional?

I also forgot to take photos...

until later in the day, so the look had already faded quite a bit by then (sigh....I also forgot to use my setting spray and was running errands that day, lol!) Total fail on my part. I should have taken nicer ones!

Anyways, I'd love your feedback on this look!!!

No hurt feelings, I promise! I just want to make it even better next time, so I'd love your help to do so <3
Tagging some friends for their thoughts:
@ anyone else who wants to share their thoughts!
@hikaymm :) Oh wow!!! Both are good then. The coverage also looks great for both too!!
@MyAffairWith ahhh thank you!!! I used my tarte Amazonia clay foundation that day hahaha. so obsessed!!! wearing my it cosmetics cc today so I can show you later ^^
You look amazing!! And your skin looks flawless too!!
@jordanhamilton ahh thank you ><!
You look pretty!!!
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