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As a younger sister, I've got to say that at first I totally related to this, but then I realized how much of a lie this is. Younger siblings NEVER help you out when you're up to trouble. We're the snitch, man.
Once that baby's old enough, she's going to tell Mom and Dad EVERYTHING, dude, so you'd better take those $20s while you can!

Fellow younger sibs, confess: were you more of a snitch or an accomplice?

@TaylorDRussell Omg, I wish I had a brother. I feel like if I had had a brother, a whole lot more ridiculous stuff would've gone down growing up.
@Melodicballoon I used to use that tactic all the time buhaha.
@Melodicballoon That's when you start denying EVERYTHING lol.
@Melodicballoon Bahahaha, I feel like being the middle sibling is a safe thing to be.
Well I was my older siblings' partner in crime sometimes but when I knew that I was going to be in really big trouble (because one of the little ones was obviously gonna tell) I would join my younger siblings to be a tattler XD
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