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As a younger sister, I've got to say that at first I totally related to this, but then I realized how much of a lie this is. Younger siblings NEVER help you out when you're up to trouble. We're the snitch, man.
Once that baby's old enough, she's going to tell Mom and Dad EVERYTHING, dude, so you'd better take those $20s while you can!

Fellow younger sibs, confess: were you more of a snitch or an accomplice?

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@danidee hahaha it really is XD my parents didn't pay much attention to their middle children but sometimes the little ones and the older ones would team up and say I we were part of it too because we deserved to get punished too 馃槀馃槶
@Melodicballoon That's when you start denying EVERYTHING lol.
@danidee hahahaha yes! XD
@Melodicballoon I used to use that tactic all the time buhaha.
My parents had a "No rattling rule" - which meant that the snitch always got pinched, same as the rest. So for the most part, we were all a bunch of little heathens. Little household terrorists. Five of us total and when I came along, we were all 8yrs and under. Me, my twin brother, 2 older sisters and an older brother. My parents were brave people....