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So this week, I made a mistake. After several years of watching my mom cover up her roots with a box of Nice 'n Easy, I thought that - hey, what better way to combat my own incoming grey hairs than to try dying them out too?

So I bought a box of hair dye, and while I'm normally like this:

Let's just say that, this week, I kind of look more like this:

Yeah, thanks to my dunked-my-head-in-printer-ink hair color, I look more Japanese horror than Italian Vogue.

But never fear! This is actually turning into a huge learning experience for me, and because I don't like the embarrassing moments of my life going to waste, here is some advice I'd like to lend the rest of you if you too end up with a bad hair day/week/life:

Don't make eye contact.

Don't look at anyone. ANYONE. Because the moment you do, they're going to ask you if you did something to your hair. And then you're going to have to tell them yes.

Try to draw as little attention to your hair as possible.

Throw on a hat that makes a statement so loud that people might even forget you had hair in the first place. Or, more realistically for us ladies, throw it in a bun or ponytail.

Find out who your real friends are.

Basically, the night of what I'll refer to as the 'Hairpocalypse', the first thing I did was call a friend in complete panic. And then she made me meet her at a cafe so she could help me drown my sorrows in latte. Because that's what real friends do.
(Okay, but she also texted me today with 'Current Mood: Your Hair.' so I'm reconsidering the real friend title. The jerk.)

Realize that, hey, you're more than your hair.

Hey, we're champions, right? It's going to take a whole lot more than a bad hair day to topple us. So I'm going to be spending the week looking kind of like Cher-meets-Swamp-Thing. Who cares, right?

Just kidding. I actually do care. Someone please save me.

Have you ever had a horrible haircut? How did you get through it? Let me know in the comments below!

@nicocoup HOW DARE IT!!
@danidee at some point my hair decided to be rebellious and grow 1 1/2 inches
Heck yeah I had hair mistakes. Back in high school, I entrusted my long hair to sister. She literally layered it like a tiered ruffle dress. Thankfully my mom saved it by blending the layer. One thing that help me go through a weird hair stage is hair accessories! People will take their eyes off your bad hair mistake and look at the adorable accessory instead.
@danidee I have photos but unless I made a card, I don't think I can post them.
Oh wow, @JaxomB. Yeah, I've always had dark brown hair, which is much harder to create a drastic color change with, so I can't even imagine how unpredictable hair color can be when you're using hair that's much lighter. It must be WAY harder to get color out!
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