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If you remember, 'Two Weeks' stars Lee Jun Ki as the main lead, who is falsely accused of murder and is thus on the run. To make it worse, while running, he comes to know that he has a daughter who is suffering from leukemia, leaving him only two weeks to save her. The show has recently confirmed Ryu Soo Yong to be the antagonist of the show. Though, he can't exactly be called an antagonist as Lim Seung Woo, his character, is an elite detective who is well-known for his arrest rate record. He will be chasing Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki) throughout the drama. Here is the article from dramafever: Two Weeks has already confirmed actors Lee Jun Ki, Kim So Yeon, Park Ha Shik, and Jo Min Ki to also star in the show. Actor Ryu Soo Young will be playing the role of elite detective, Lim Seung Woo, who comes from a police family, proud of taking the number one spot for arrest rates. He is a hot-blooded detective, chasing Jang Tae San, who runs away after being framed for murder. Put between Suh In Hye (Park Ha Sun) and Jang Tae San, a love triangle is sure to create some tension in the story. Ryu Soo Young commented, “This will be my first time acting as a detective since my debut, though I’m nervous, my feelings of excitement are greater. I’ve always wanted to act out an active and manly character and I’ve met this work. I’m really looking forward to this as I think I’ll be able to show more new looks that I haven’t shown in a while. I request for a lot of interest.” Two Weeks is scheduled to be broadcasted in August as a follow-up to Queen’s Classroom, of which the first episode will air on June 12.