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- they all look really good
- celebrating Jackson’s birthday
- dabs every 5 seconds
- Yugyeom is a nice tall man
- Mark being very talkative
- dick jokes
- talking about Junior’s movie
- Youngjae’s love letter to Coco
- Jimin yelling at everyone to shut up
- Youngjae’s nostrils
- Eric and Jackson still bickering
- Jackson making “the face”
- Mark winning food
- slaying their dances at 2x speed
- someone stop Bambam
- JB speaking English
- Junior speaking English
- everyone is speaking English it’s wonderful I understand things
- but seriously STOP BAMBAM
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@MsLoyalHeart 😂😂bless your heart its good you don't know.. you saw the way they kept motioning their hand like they were saluting but above their head? bambam keeps doing it.. that's basically it. here:
LOL! I loved that episode! I can't wait to see them in person!
im just going to watch it again cx
@PrettieeEmm Thanks for the explanation I kept seeing that word everywhere but I really didn't know what it meant!!! 😂😂😂