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It's 3:11 AM and I'm still awake! xD WAEEE...

so why not make another screenshot game??

I tried something different and it took a heck of a lot longer than expected. Oh, well. Hope you'll enjoy it anyway! ;) *Imagine Bangtan as random strangers when you play this, I guess.

And that's it!!

Hope it was somewhat entertaining :D

Tag me in your results if you make a card, k? ♡

I'm planning to post more screenshot games sometime (like another JINXED! card for example) so stay tuned I guess hehe
these are so cute ^-^
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I did it!!!! don't know if I tagged correctly or not but your user name is on it 😊😁
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@KarenDonley I still found it regardless if you did it correctly or not so you're good ^^
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