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Hi guys!

Welcome to the Love & Relationship community here on Vingle!

We're a pretty fun group of people and we're so glad you finally found us :D

Now that you're here, here's a tiiiiiiiny intro to our community:

Community Etiquette:

- This isn't a dating site so please keep this in mind! Keep the 'looking for a gf' to craiglist...or well, maybe not even craigslist...
- Please keep this a safe and respectful place. People are often sharing personal stories so respect is necessary at all times.
- Try to keep posts relevant. If you want to share something great but it isn't related to this community (like OMG I just tried this insane recipe) find the community it should go in (like Food or Cooking) and tag your friends :D
If you have any questions about how to get around Vingle, you can check out some How To cards (here) or just ask away below!

So, come say HEY in the comments let us know if you're into things other than Love & Relationships!

Believe it or not, we're real people too with other interests as well ;D


If you have time, please fill out this quick 5 question survey about our community so we can make this a great place for everyone!
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Hi I'm Crea, I love everything that comes to kpop, anime, video games and well all things fun
a year ago·Reply
those candy hearts, It reminds me of my first love. Everytime that I see those,,We kept trying to get the one that said "kiss me" (mostly I was..) But we did eventually almost to the last of them. lol
a year ago·Reply
hey everyone! I'm jordan :) I'm a fan of relationships, beauty and fashion!
a year ago·Reply
@KittuMeowsu I miss candy hearts! My only memory attached to them though is being really nervous handing out valentines in elementary school :3
a year ago·Reply
Hey guys! I'm cindy! I'm into music, fashion, beauty and other artsy stuff that'll keep me busy. :)
a year ago·Reply