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This is killing me softly. I'm not a huge otaku, but I will say that I AM a K-Pop nerd, and have definitely talked to my dog in Korean on more than one occasion. (I've even started nicknaming her 'Ahjumma'.)
I feel you, Mr. Kawaii Neko. Sometimes our pets just can't get on our level of nerd.
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@aabxo I love that app. So cute!!!
idk how i kept it for so long 馃槀 i finally willed myself to do it the other day. i broke free 馃槀馃槀馃槀
@CreeTheOtaku All I remember about that game is Joe DiMeowgio.
@poojas You play it too?!
@aabxo CONGRATULATIONS. That is the only way to truly win an app game.