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I didn't expect this hair trend at all. It's refreshing yet daring and I have a little crush with this style. As someone who always consider getting a tattoo at the nape this might be the best alternative to the real deal. Unlike a real tattoo, your hair will eventually grow back. You really have zero commitment here. If you don't like you can simply cover it up by leaving your hair down.
Let's take a look at some of the crazy designs.


Lotus Flower

Tribal Pattern

Subtle Pattern

Simple Lines

What do you guys think about this edgy trend? Would you try it?
Just try it @Allobaber it's in the back under your long hair. :)
Wow – SO cool. I wish I had the guts to try this!!
my hair is like this now! I love it so much. and it goes well with my nape piercing
I want to try this soooo badly!! But my hair grows so fast I'm pretty sure you'd only be able to see the designs for max 1 week, haha. Do guys that have undercuts have to get them cut that oftne?!
i love this
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