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It was confirmed that Kim Nam Gil injured his ribs while shooting a scene. Earlier today, a representative of Kim Nam Gil’s agency Star J Entertainment said, “While filming an action scene on the set of Shark, on June 9, Kim Nam Gil got injured by cracking his rib.” From the hospital after the accident, he was told to rest for 2-3 weeks and several days of resting the actor returned to shooting his part on June 13. A representative of Kim Nam Gil’s agency said, “In the meantime, Kim Nam Gil is filming after taking painkillers. We will do our best in filming Shark, through delaying and managing the action scene filming schedule.” Talk about dedication! Get well soon, Kim Nam Gil! Source: dramafever Cracking his ribs sounds severe to me and he still continues filming while taking painkillers? That's something to look up to but at the same time, it's kinda sad :( I really hate how most kdramas air while still in filming, that's a lot of pressure and sometimes they have to compromise the quality to make the deadline. But that's also something unique to kdramas as it can change depending on the reaction of the audience. Anyway, Mr. Nam Gil, please get well soon!
wooow hard work. take care plz
i wish he will be ok !!!!