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Hey fam as most of you guys know we had new mods chosen for different communities, and i am happy to announce that I am your new Naruto community mod!!!!

(if you haven't joined the Naruto community yet but would like to click here )

I am also happy to announce that I am looking for Supporters to help me out in the Naruto community!!! If your interested in helping out then please comment that you would like to help out and also if you would like to I would Love to know why you want to help support!!

There will be a card posted March 31st of who I chose to help support and of the Naruto community Guide lines to follow!!!

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@tayhar18920 Ah! Ok thank you for explaining
cool I'll support in anyway I can
@tayhar18920 I'll be glad to help but could you explain a little more and of course I'll help in anyway you need me
Congrats!! <3
i want to help out