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The long silver hair is hard to pull off since it does sometimes drag on the face to the point of no return so I like how well fitted these wigs are, and the amazing amount of details these two cosplayers put into them.
Natsu's pink spiky hair is always something that I've seen is a trouble to get JUST right. But these two cosplayers did a great job at evening out the amount of spikes so that it's not too overwhelming.
The child like face with blond hair is can also be a challenge if you don't have the right features for it.
Takao is a HARD character to pull off. Like I've seen some pretty bad takao's like I've said. Spiky haired characters are really hard to pull off if they don't style the wig well.
These aren't really hard to pull off. I just thought they were really cool 😍
Last but not least the yaoi couple of Izumi and ryouma. The senestive Uke and the domanant Seme is a tough act to follow when the the ukes are pretty girly looking and semes still have their pretty faces, but these two do a pretty good job of nailing it Note: I'm not saying no one can cosplay if they don't do it well. I'm just saying these are some pretty good and accurate cosplays
loving it!
OMG these are awesome!!! I love them WOW, just wow they are good, I can't pick a favorite
@mymi Check out that InuYasha cosplay! Sugoi!