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Juno sighs and stands up from the bed. After re-closing the drapes, he stops at the door and looks back shaking his head; “What am I going to do with the two of you.”
The next morning he calls Joon-woo and gets the details; from the flowers, a miswritten card, the attack, and an unused airline ticket. He’s still sitting at his kitchen counter when you walk in for the day.
He looks up and smiles, “Well good morning! Did you sleep well?”
Still shy from the last time you saw him in the morning; you glance away, “Yes thank you.”
He laughs at you and pulls your chin up so you look in his eyes, “I thought we were done with that embarrassment? You are a guest in my home, feel free to run around all day in those pajamas.” He winks and laughs at your blush, “I’m teasing. I believe my nam dongsaeng would try to inflict serious damage to me if I weren’t.”
At the mention of Junsu you look over, “You couldn’t be more wrong.”
“You think so? Hmm, I’d swear the last time I saw him he was confessing he loved you.”
You laugh. A pain filled, angry laugh. “Yeah, well, things change quickly.”
He turns on his barstool and looks directly at you, “Really? That doesn’t sound like my dongsaeng.” Since you won’t look at him he continues on, “Alright then; ready to tell me why you called me to rescue you when you’re obviously in love with him?”
“How would you…?”
He holds his hand up to stop you, “Just answer the question.”
You feel horribly guilty, “I wasn’t trying to lead you on if that’s what you think. I couldn’t stay there anymore, too many painful things happened. I only have a week left on my contract, you had said in your note…”
You turn to walk back down the hall, “I’m sorry, I’ll go make my reservations for home. I should have just gone there directly.”
He grabs you by the arm before you get two feet, “Stop. Stop running. You called me because I’m his hyung and he’s here in Japan on tour. You can’t accept the fact that his feelings would change that fast. Don’t want it to be true? You can’t face the thought of really leaving him can you?”
You shake your head as tears start to roll down your cheeks. “I’m sorry. I’ll go..”
“No, you won’t. That would be a mistake, because you’re right."
His words get your attention and you whirl to face him. “What are you talking about?”
“I heard the whole sordid story last night as I tucked my very drunk donsaeng into his hotel bed. I just heard it again; on the phone this morning talking to Joon-woo. He says hello by the way, and I’m supposed to show you this.”
He flips through his phone and hands it to you. “What is it?”
He reaches over and enlarges the picture. “That my little cutie; is a plane ticket, in your name. A ticket purchased by my nam dongsaeng so that you could join him here on the second leg of his tour."
He lets that sink in a minute. "It appears, he was waiting for you with this in hand while you were at the hospital.” He pulls a chair up behind you and sits you down. “He blames himself for that too you know.”
He’s now crouched down in front of you, “For what?”
He pulls your battered arms up, “For not being there to protect you. He’s never broken a promise if it’s within his power to keep it.” He sets your laptop down in front of you and pulls up a video.
“Have you ever heard this song of his? He added it to the concert last night, spur of the moment. He didn't tell anyone, just gave them all a heart attack going off the program. He sang it for you. Why don’t you give it a listen and think about what I just told you? I now have to go wake up a very hung-over bear.”