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I found this on Tumblr. The poster did, too, lol. ^^

It's so cute though!

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My results:

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This gif was the first thing on my mind:

JIMIN, ALL THIS TIME!?!?!? I would marry Jungkook (you bias, you...)

Tae, why didn't we ever catch up??? ilysm tho :(((

Namjoon, I'd be the salutatorian for sure if you tutored me, haha ^^

To save you some waiting, I downloaded the gifs for you~~ Have fun ♡ ***credit to OPs (link: tumblr)
I did this and it basically said I never loved taehyung Childhood friend:tae moved and best friend: tae first boyfriend:jin married:tae in the summer on the beaches of Hawaii (I said this one wrong, it's still in hawaii, but we actually sailed around) kids: twin girls and a boy, with a Siberia cat (I love cats) one sided marriage with a life of luxury always loved me despite everything:tae
somebody should write a story about this and tag me