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It's out guys! I'm watching it right now! Will update the card as soon as I'm done! So excited! UPDATE: Just finished watching the music video!!! It was amazing!!!! The lyrics hinted the person they are dedicating this song to is Junhyeok. It's so emotional because the lyrics are so relatable to their current situation. Letting go and wish the other person happiness. Here are some thoughts.
The video starts off with the members harmonizing and we transition to a scene with two Jaes sitting at the same table. A bunch of broken electric guitar were scattered around him.
Then, Sungjin peaking through the sunroof. Screen changes and two Sungjin sitting by the broken car.
The scene then transition into a dark room and Young K is seen in a grungy attire singing about the past memories. Flash forward to the next scene eight Young K is sitting beside a keyboard showing different sets of emotion. Wonpil the only one playing the keyboard appears to be calm.
The screen then focus on Wonpil.
Young K appears in another space and sits by the stairs. As he sings another Young K appeared.
Sungjin pops in and sings really emotionally.
Dowoon makes a solo appearance surrounded by a room of drum set. I still didn't hear him sing yet! -___-
Young K and Jae sits together back-to-back with their beloved guitar.
Wonpil takes the screen again and this time you can see more of his emotion.
The screen focuses on the keyboard and we are only left with the keyboard notes as the video slowly fades out.
All of the members are standing in circle and there is one thing I notice. There's a wide gap between Dowoon and Wonpil...and there's an empty stage Microphone! If Junhyeok was still with the group the circle would be evenly spread out!

This is so sad! They are leaving so many memories of Junhyeok here! Am I the only one thinking about this???

I cried when saw so many empty keyboard there 😢😢😢
@Amayka @Choijiah @JamiMilsap day6 is the definition of hearthrob. They basically rob our hearts and tears with this emotional comeback (that we ain't even ready for). 😥
It is so good, and really touched my heart. .
Me and one of my friends went to watch it today during school and started getting too sad and had to stop. It's a nice song, but it makes you want to cry so much ;-; I legit had to wipe away a tear that had escaped my eyes...
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