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I'm usually an extremely sensible person but the guy I am to be engaged to said if it happens it happens and he won't leave. I want to tie myself to him in everyway possible and I have convinced myself having a kid young is ok, as long as we can care for it. Am I crazy??
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Oh okay. I second @jevonlowery. Kids are a big deal, and your life and selfishness essentially takes a halt, because your life will be all about your kids. Do what you think will make you happy, just remember you have plenty of time for children!
I felt the same way until I actually began rasping a kid. I help with my baby nephew and it's a really big responsibility that will push your level of patience so I say really think about it
I'm 18 he's 20
Agreed @sophiamor. Once you have kids, your life is no longer yours! You should be selfish for a little longer – enjoy your freedom!! Travel! See the world! You won't be able to once you have kids.
I would say have a kid because you're 100% ready for a kid, not to "tie yourself" to someone else. If you're engaged, you're probably pretty crazy about each other and that should be enough until you're emotionally and financially ready to support a child!
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